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Emergency Care Waiting Times in Northern Ireland 2008-2017 and forecasting the future

Screenshot of the Tableau Dashboard. Available [ here ] and at the end of this post. [Note: the dashboard is best viewed in Full Screen Mode ( F11  or icon at bottom right )] Having attended the rather excellent Open Data Camp 5 , held in Belfast over the weekend of 21-22 October 2017, I have returned to OpenDataNI’s datasets with renewed vigour and fervour. The first of these I’ve turned my attention to is the recently published  Emergency Care Waiting Times dataset. The Dataset The dataset is just over 2100 lines, representing monthly entries per Northern Irish hospital and running from April 2008 to June 2017. The dataset gives the numbers of patients who waited up to four hours, five to twelve hours, and over twelve hours. A further column gives the total number of patients in these three categories. As noted, the hospital name is given for each entry, and this is supplemented by the NHS Trust they work under and the Type of Emergency Department (1-3) provided.