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United States Federal Executive Orders

Screenshot of the Tableau Dashboard. Available [ here ] and at the end of this post. [Note: the dashboard is best viewed in Full Screen (F11) Mode] Back in early 2016, when Trump was still seen as unelectable, he directed a portion of his Twitter barrage against President Obama on the latter’s use of Federal Executive Orders . I’m not going to pretend that I’m so politically astute that these comments caught my attention at that time. However, when commentators started to contrast Trump’s statements with his actions once in office, I immediately felt that this was a place where a visualisation of the data would be of use and interest. In my defence, I would note that I’m not so na├»ve that I believe that actual facts and figures hold sway any longer in either US or British politics … we can but try! The datasource My initial experimentations and explorations of this data started with the List of United States federal executive orders Wiki page. This is quite high-level d

Global Terrorism. A Visual Analysis

Screenshot of the Tableau Dashboard. Available [ here ] and at the end of this post. I recently wrote about my initial experiments in visualising data relating to terrorist attacks . My conclusions were that although the dashboard accurately portrayed the underlying data, I needed a better datasource to provide more detail and a broader context. After a bit of digging, I found a series of Wikipedia pages that attempt to collate all known terrorist attacks across the globe on a month by month basis. This data runs from the present time back to January 2015 [ 2015 , 2016 , & 2017 ]. Before this, Wikipedia has data available for the period from 2010-2014 broken into 6-month blocks and data from 1970-2009 is available in whole year pages. I’ve elected to restrict my choice of data to the period from 2015 onwards for a number of reasons. A brief perusal of the earlier data confirmed that while it was richer and more detailed than what I had used previously, it was still not full