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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) non-domestic beneficiaries: an interactive analysis of the data

Screenshot of the Tableau Dashboard. Available [ here ] and at the end of this post. (Updated: see notes at end) After much legal wrangling and foot-dragging, the Northern Ireland Department of the Economy have finally published a partial list of recipients of money from the botched Renewable Heat Initiative scheme . At present only limited companies and limited liability partnerships who received in excess of £5,000 (cumulative) are listed. The data runs from the start of the scheme to 28 February 2017. After the list was published (16 March 2017) a number of people complained that they should treated as individuals, and not as limited companies. These corrections were made and a second list was issued the same afternoon. The dataset used here is based on this second list. The first thing I want to note about the document made available by the Department of the Economy is that it is presented as a PDF. This is data! To analyse data you need it in a suitable format su