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Belfast Bike Hire Rentals & Returns

Screenshot of the Tableau Dashboard. Available [ here ] and at the end of this post. [Note: the dashboard is best viewed in Full Screen (F11) Mode] This Visualisation uses two datasources provided by OpenDataNI. The first is the Belfast Bike Hire Rentals and Returns dataset ( ). Along with the numbers or Rentals and Returns, it is broken down by Location, Month, and Year. Each location name is accompanied by a Station Number. This is used as the key to join to the Belfast Bike Hire Stations dataset ( ) which, among other things, has contains the Latitude & Longitude (even if it is mistitled 'Longfitude'). There are a number of location naming inconsistencies in the Rentals data, so I've used the names as supplied in the Stations resource instead. The left side of the visualisation is taken up with a map of central Belfast. There is a dot for every Bike Station, sized by the number of Rentals or Returns & colou